Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint

A statement red lip is like a staple in any makeup collection. Finding that perfect red to match your skin tone can be a little tricky at times. Fenty Beauty acknowledged this and developed the Stunna Lip Paint in the shade ‘Uncensored’ which is supposed to be ‘the perfect shade of red’ that was apparently tested on many individuals to make sure ‘it looks incredible on everyone’. It’s clear that when Rihanna created this shade she really wanted to make a statement, as it’s the only lip colour they have in the lip paint range. 

The Stunna Lip Paint claims to be a 12-hour wear with a soft matte finish that won’t feather. Due to its high pigment, the lip paint can be applied with just one coat for full intensity and has a unique wand shape to help with the application. Aside from the colour, the other striking feature of this lip paint is its packaging. When you initially see the lip paint you’d be excused for thinking it’s a high end nail polish due to its extended cone lid and prismatic glass bottle. It’s definitely a stand out product for that alone.

When I got the opportunity to try out the lip paint, I was very excited. It’s been on the market for a while now and I’d mainly heard positive reviews. However, my own experience with the lip paint won’t be as glowing unfortunately. 

As mentioned before I love the packaging of this lip paint and I feel it really does stand out. The wand applicator is nice too and is curved to hug your lips on application which is great. I don’t think it’s the best for precision application, as it was quite difficult applying the colour to the inner corners of my lips (and for a red lip colour I think this is definitely quite noticeable!)

The lip colour itself is quite bold. It’s a vibrant red which I’ve seen applied on many skin tones (including different darker skin tones) and it does look great on all. At first when I tried the colour I wasn’t too thrilled. It was just a bit too bright a red for me (but that’s simply down to my own personal preference). However, I did notice that the colour seemed to deepen slightly which made it more wearable for me. One thing I will say I’m very impressed with is the pigmentation of this lip paint. It truly is a one swipe application, which I love.

In terms of the formula, if I’m being completely honest I’m not a fan. I love a soft, comfortable matte liquid lipstick (which this is), but for me the fact that this transfers quite a lot has put me off. I found the lip paint to be quite difficult to wear as the colour would transfer to my chin, or on my fingers if I mistakenly brushed my mouth. It also came off quite a bit whilst eating. The good thing about it being a comfortable matte lip is that it’s not drying at all and when it does come off you can retouch it. It is definitely long wearing in the sense that it does stain your lips with the red colour, however it’s easy to remove with makeup remover. 

Overall I have mixed feelings towards this lip paint. It’s comfortable on the lips, but not an easy wear. I’d be very cautious wearing this on a night out as I’d constantly be checking that my lipstick hadn’t transferred onto my chin or worn off. Aesthetically it looks great, but for me the performance is what counts. It’s a nice lip colour to add to my collection, but I don’t think I’d be reaching for it more than other red lip colours I have. 

Fenty Beauty Stunna Lip Paint is priced at £19.00.

For more information, please visit the Harvey Nichols website.