Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette

The launch of a new Fenty Beauty product is always surrounded by excitement, and this launch was no different. Fenty Beauty recently released a new range of products including their second eye shadow palette called Moroccan Spice. 

The Moroccan Spice Palette is comprised of 16 longwearing eye shadows, packaged in a sturdy plastic case with a purple smoke design on the front. The eye shadows are a mixture of mattes and shimmers which were inspired by Moroccan themes. There are a total of nine shimmer shades and seven mattes. One thing I noticed with some of the mattes in this palette is that they have a different finish. The shades Fez Up, Quick Sand, Saffron and Spice Trip each have a slight shimmer in them, although once blended this does not transfer on to the lids. 

On their website, Fenty Beauty have described each shade as a category. They’ve included shades which are pops of colour, all over shades, highlight shades, contour shades and defining shades. I personally didn’t find anything unique about the shades they classified in each category, and I also found that some shades were categorised more than once. For example, the shade Mirage (a metallic rosy bronze) is considered a highlight and all over shade. 

Although this palette is themed as a Moroccan Spice one, I’m finding it hard to see the Moroccan influence. The shades in this are great, but for a Moroccan theme I’d think more blues, yellows, oranges, reds, coppers, and bronze tones. However, saying that I do like the shades they have chosen for the palette. 

Regarding the performance of the shadows, I haven’t had many issues with the matte shades. All of the matte shades blended well and I didn’t experience any patchiness or skipping of shadows. I love the warm toned mattes and think they work well as transition shades for all skin tones. The deep plum and red tones are gorgeous on darker skin tones, and I was also very impressed with the shade Cumin’ get it (a matte terracotta) as it worked very well on my skin tone as a natural transition shade.

The most problematic shades for me were the shimmers. I found the best performing ones to be the pop of colours such as Evil Genie which is a gorgeous turquoise pearl shade (this was actually the shadow Rihanna was wearing in the Wild Thoughts music video!). A lot of the other shimmers did produce quite a bit of fall out and I also felt that for them to really stay on my lids I needed a tacky base such as an eye shadow primer or glitter glue. I also felt that some of the shades such as Sahara Stunna (a soft pink gold pearl) did not really have much pigmentation and it took a lot for me to build them up to show on my lids.

Overall this was a nice palette to use. I think if this is unique to your collection then you’d really enjoy this. It isn’t really a palette I reach for often, but when I do I like using it. Is it a must have? No. But it’s a feel good palette that I think most would enjoy (just be aware of some of those tricky shimmers!) 

Fenty Beauty Moroccan Spice Palette is priced at £42.00 and can be found on the Harvey Nichols website