Fashion Fair Rhapsody Collection

The Fashion Fair Rhapsody Collection is a set of lipsticks, a lip gloss and a blusher. On initially seeing the collection on social media it looked very much like the London is Calling Collection so I didn’t rush out to buy anything but here is my view now I have tested the shades.

There are two semi-matte lipsticks - Swoon, a deep blue-purple and Felicity, a blue-toned pink. I think the semi-matte formula is brilliant. They last for hours and are very comfortable to wear, even on my dry lips. Swoon is very blue, almost indigo so great for those who want an alternative to black.

I found it really needed work to get the depth of colour I wanted to last the day so it's as high-maintenance as a red. I love pink lipsticks and Felicity is very pretty and it is a good shade to make a statement. It is the pink that I think the London is Calling Collection was missing.

Catfight and Spicy Plum are crème lipsticks. They last well for a cream although not as long as the semi-mattes. Spicy Plum is a gorgeous deep burgundy and is my favourite of the collection. It will suit many skin tones and was great for a subtle statement on my skin tone.

I am surprised as I normally steer away from such sensible shades but there is something about Spicy Plum which is irresistible. Catfight is an orange-red which reminded me of Redcoat from the London is Calling Collection but when swatched side-by-side, they are very different. Catfight is much more orange and is much brighter than Redcoat. All of the lipsticks leave a slight stain which was fine by me. I just want my lipsticks to last.

I was excited that Fashion Fair brought out a clear lip gloss, the High Shine Lip Lacquer, as I love the formula and brushes in the Lip Teasers. Unfortunately, the doe-foot applicator failed to pick up a useable amount of product. I had to pump the wand (which I hate doing) to desperately get some gloss on to my lips so application too far too long. Perhaps the formula isn't quite right or the bottle neck is too efficient at eliminating drips. Whatever it is, I was very disappointed.

Finally there was a matte Blush in the shade Fervor which looks very scary in the pot. It is a surprisingly wearable purple which adds a pretty flush to the cheeks which is great for those who don’t like pink. It's also nice to have a purple blusher which isn't plum. I found it looked patchy on my cheeks but I tend to struggle with matte blusher in general, probably due to my dry skin.

As a collection I'm not sure that it works - I can't figure out the theme or common thread. However, there are some good individual products which I would be happy to buy. The lipsticks retail for £16.00, the blush for £18.00 and the lip lacquer for £16.00.

For more information, please visit their website.