Fashion Fair Lip Teasers


Unlike many beauty bloggers, I discovered the joys of makeup quite late into my 30’s, however, I’ve always known about Fashion Fair. As a child I used to see it on my mother’s and grandmother’s dressing table. In fact the brand was born the same year as myself - 1973. It’s a brand that many Women of Colour grew up with and have come to trust. I had my first Fashion Fair experience last year when I bought my Lip Teasers in Tickled Pink and it’s now one of my go-to glosses for a nude lip look. Last Christmas Fashion Fair brought out their Holiday Lip Teasers Collection to celebrate the festive period. Although these products have a glamtastc feel which is perfect for the Xmas period to be honest they can be used all year round. This collection is divided into two sets of fantastic lip glosses in a wide variety of shades. It is classy sexy and for me it was love at first sight.

The first set I tried contains the colours, Vex, Jet Red and Canary Diamond. I’ve been trying to find the perfect brown lip gloss for some time and usually browns make me look severe and angry so it is rather ironic that the brown in the collection is called Vex LOL. Truth be told I look anything but vexed with it on. It’s a sensual shade and the subtle golden flecks enhance the shimmer of the gloss and softens the brown. What you have is a flawless chocolate shade that would work well against many skin tones. It will take you from day to night. Next I tried Jet Red - a shade perfect for the lady who wants to wear red lips but doesn’t want it to take over her face. Jet Red brings the drama and sexiness with a touch of class.

Fashion Fair pic 2

Then it was time to try the second Lip Teasers set which contains Lure, Chocolate Raspberry and Liquid Sliver. While the first set has a goldie hue, the second one has a frosty one. I wasn’t sure how they would work on me because I have a yellow undertone to my skin but it turns out I had nothing to worry about. Chocolate Raspberry is an enchanting shade that can be worn all year round, it’s neither too chocolaty nor too maroon. Despite the intensity of this shade it’s would be more neutral on darker skin tones and can be used for several makeup looks. Lure I adore. It’s a bold pink but luminescence with bluish hint makes it less girly and more womanly. I think it’s a daytime gloss. Natural light will play on this gloss and lure you in. Pun intended!

I used these Lip Teasers to enhance the look of my lipstick. Liquid Sliver and Canary Diamond can be worn on their own. Nevertheless, it was my personal preference to use them to give a new lease of life to lipsticks I’d not worn for a while. They bring the sparkle and give an extra special touch to the perfect pout.

At £30 this product is good value for money. The glosses are infused with botanical extracts, they are moisturising, and deliver high shine with intense colour. Putting this on was a good experience because the applicator is a brush. You may have to re-apply within three hours if you want to maintain the intensity of colour as at first application, but this is not a criticism. Pip glosses are not long wearing like a lipstick. However if you don’t eat or drink within that time, then the colour should last longer. If you want to get the gloss, get Fashion Fair’s Lip Teasers.

Fashion Fair Lip Teasers pic 3

Fashion Fair’s Holiday Lip Teasers Collection is priced at £30.00 each.

for more information please visit their website.