Fashion Fair Eyeliner 

I used to be the biggest fan of wearing eyeliners. I’d always pair my eye look with a liquid eyeliner or/and a black kohl liner. I stopped wearing eyeliners regularly as I felt that they just did not last in my waterline or the black liner was just too heavy for my waterline. Fashion Fair Eye Liner Pencil seem to help my issues.

These eyeliners are pencils with a crayon formula. They claim to be long-wearing and are soft to the touch. As well as the eyeliner, the pencil also has a smudger attached which allows you to smudge your liner to create a less defined and smoky look. 

As I mentioned previously, I’ve found that eyeliner pencils just did not last in my waterline. My eyes tend to water quite a bit when I wear makeup, so I’ve typically stopped wearing them. However, when using these Eye Liner Pencil, I found that the liner stayed for quite long time in my waterline.

After about 10 hours of wear, the liner had definitely faded but it did last very well throughout the day. I really enjoyed using the smudger too and felt that the eyeliner did not dry too quickly for me to manipulate it. 

Another reason I stopped using eyeliners is because all of the ones I had were black kohl liners. I found this to be too heavy for my everyday eye look. I was pleased that Fashion Fair sent out the shade Sable, which is a deep brown shade.

This colour is perfect for an everyday look for my deep skin tone. It’s still visible, but it doesn’t appear as heavy as the regular black kohl liners. I’ve also used this liner as a base on my eyelids and placed shimmery eyeshadows on top. As it’s quite long-lasting my eyeshadows stayed in place for much longer than usual. 

The only things I’d improve with these liners is that I’d make them retractable, so I wouldn’t need to sharpen it. I’d also make the liners so they have more product, as they do appear quite small.

Fashion Fair Eye Liner Pencil is priced at £16.00.

For more information, please visit their website.