Fashion Fair Brush on Brow

Brush on Brow is a brow powder from Fashion Fair Cosmetics – a make-up and skincare brand for “bold and unabashedly beautiful” women of colour. The product is one of the several items the company has to help tame and define brows and is available in two shades –  a dark Brown called Bronze Onyx and a lighter brown called Tender Topaz.

The Brush on Brown promises to add definition with a powder enriched formula that doesn’t smudge or fade. While it also promises to cover stubborn gray hair but still help you to achieve a natural looking finish thanks to the rich colour tone. I really liked the fact the powder also comes with a mini brush, but sadly the bristles of the brush are synthetic and felt really hard.

While I was able to apply the powder onto my brows easily enough but I found the finish wasn’t quite as perfect as it was with my favourite brow brush. The brand suggests to fill in the sparse areas of your brows first and stroke in the colour in the direction of your hair growth.

I usually prefer to really define my arch with a brow pencil but I was able to get good coverage and received comments about the soft, natural result.  I think this formula is great for anyone who likes to keep their brows striking but still quite natural. 

Despite my best attempts I’m someone who absent-mindedly rubs my face during the day and this means I always need my makeup to be smudge proof. Thankfully, the brow powder managed to stay put for the most part but naturally became easier to smudge when my oily complexion started to affect the formula later in the day.

I also started to wear brow gels over the powder to give it a more set finish and I’m happy to report the brow powder wasn’t affected by either of the gels or brushes while I was applying.

This is a great brow product to try if you are on the lookout for a new brow powder because you still struggle to find the right shade of brown to match your brows. There are cheaper options available which do a similar job, but this is a great finish for the brows of women of colour and sometimes that can be quite hard to find with other brands.

Fashion Fair Brush on Brow is priced at £14.00

For more information, please visit their website.