Fashion Fair Bold Lash Mascara 

Fashion Fair is an iconic make-up and skincare brand made for bold and unabashedly beautiful brown beauties. I remember growing up and spotting items with their famous pink packaging in the makeup bags of my mother, aunties and cousins as I grew up and being pretty excited when I got my hands on my first item by the brand as a teen.

But I must admit I have only ever associated them with products like foundations and blushers that include shades for darker skin tones. It can be easy to forget that but this is a cosmetics brand that offers a complete range of products.

Fashion Fair Bold Lash Mascara is waterproof and promises to help you achieve fuller lashes that are bold and defined. It is meant to give “dramatic length and immense volume” due to its “unique molded brush”.

Now I am a huge mascara fan and thanks to my naturally curly lashes, I find it takes a lot to really open them up and made them standout. Sadly, I didn’t find that was the case for my lashes. While the dense black colour helped to make my lashes pop a bit more, I didn’t really feel the formula was very lengthening.

It’s suggested that you apply the mascara using horizontal strokes and allow it to dry between coat applications. It did help create a bit of volume but length is the key thing for me when it comes to mascara and this didn’t give me the type of results I desire.

And when I applied the mascara in my own usual method, I didn’t get any better results. I found the mascara began to clump quite easily if I wasn’t being very careful with my application which is slightly annoying if you are in a rush.

I also noticed the mascara has a very strong “mascara smell”. It wasn’t something that bothered me seeing as most mascara’s have a strong chemical-style scent, but I noticed this was stronger than others.

It felt like the product had dried out a bit after few weeks of use so it was not really able to moisturise and hydrate my lashes as promised. I personally feel that there are cheaper mascara’s on the market which can do a better job but it really does depend on your lashes and your preferences.

Fashion Fair Bold Lash Mascara is priced at £16.00 and available to purchase in Debenhams. 

For more information, please visit their website.