Fashion Fair Beauty Blusher

Beauty Blusher is a powder blush from Fashion Fair – a make-up and skincare brand for bold and unabashedly beautiful women of colour. Fashion Fair promises this pigment-rich powder will enhance your natural beauty by adding a natural-looking pop of colour to the skin with a soft, even finish.

The mineral enriched formula also includes Vitamin C and Vitamin E to help make it kind to your skin. The blusher is available in several shades which are specifically complimentary on darker skin tones and I got the test the shade named Tangelo.

When I tried the blush against my natural skin after moisturising, it was immediately confirmed that Tangelo is a shade that must only be applied lightly. This blush is a rather vibrant tangerine as the name would suggest and I normally avoid such shades when shopping in store.

However, I had much better results when applying the blush over my foundation and the brand does recommend application after setting your foundation with powder. I was pleasantly surprised to see how an orange shade could work so well for my skin tone.

The blush gave me a more natural flush of colour on my cheekbones than a lot of the pink shades I’ve tried in the past. I often chose not to use a blush simply because it never looks quite right on my skin but I really liked the glow this blush added to my skin.

This powder glides on smoothly and it’s easy to keep even distribution on the cheek when applying with a good brush, but at the same time this colour can easily ruin your look if you aren’t careful to check it in the right light.

I like the fact these blushes can also be used as an eye product. The jet milled powder means the blush has a nice, soft texture and the finish is long lasting so it would blend well on the eyelid. With the range of shades available, it could prove to be a nice addition to your eyeshadow collection and help create slightly new looks while also working as your go-to blush.

The pigment of the blush is so rich that a little goes a long way meaning this product will last you a good while - always important when you are spending a fair amount of money. I believe the price is just about worth it for the variety of shades they have which are made specifically to compliment women of colour.

Fashion Fair Beauty Blusher is priced at £16.00 and available to buy in Debenhams and Boots. 

For more information, please visit their website.