Fairfield Gardens Lip Balm


I go through a fair amount of lip balms. I’m often chapped, especially after wearing lipstick. However, until some months ago, I’d only found one balm that lived up to its promises. Enter Fairfield Gardens Lip Balm which is now my new love, I like everything about this product. Fairfield Gardens’ Lip Balms work quickly to soothe and moisturise lips. They uses 80% British sourced ingredients and their products are made with organic beeswax, plant oils, pure essential oils and natural botanical extracts only. I tried two of their balms; the Orange Beeswax and Rosemary & Lemon Beeswax. The first thing I noticed was the lovely mild botanical fragrance. Then, it was the rich velvety texture. On application, my chapped lips felt instantly better and by the end of my day they were healed. My lips felt very soft and smooth.

The balms ae not greasy or too shiny. When I wore them on their own, my lips looked moisturised with a barely there shine. I also used them to condition my lips before applying lipsticks that usually left my lips a bit dry. The result, the lipsticks went on better and my lips were not dry at the end of the day. Both Fairfield Gardens’ Lip Balms worked in the same way for me.

When purchasing I would advise you to go for the fragrance you like the best. There are two other balms in the range: Natural Beeswax and Spearmint & Fennel Beeswax. As stated above, they are totally natural with 80% of the ingredients being British sourced. They are vegetarian and animal cruelty free. They are also free from petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic fragrances and flavour and artificial colours. Most important, the product works well.

Fairfield Garden's Lip Balms are priced at £3.89 each.

For more information please visit their website.