Faceframe 3D Eyebrows


Every lady has gone through that phase of happy tweezing and ending up with overly plucked eyebrows, brows that refuse to grow or worse, uneven penciled eyebrow. Now there's a solution that will end all eyebrow nightmares and something that will get you in the trend  - it is called faceframe 3D. It has been created by salon owner Sheron Oakley and developed with the help of her cousin, salon manager Christianne Lum. Faceframe 3D is the award-winning eyebrow enhancement treatment that is suitable for anyone wishing to enhance their natural eyebrows and frame their face. It gives volume, dimension and length to the brows by working with your natural ones. The treatment is a very simple concept where individual synthetic eyebrow hairs are fixed directly and securely using a specially patented, (100% skin safe and EU approved) fixer onto the skin for full dimensional framed brows. It is suitable for all age groups, occasions and skin types. The treatment was originally invented for cancer patients or people with alopecia and permanent scarring who have little or no eyebrow hair. However faceframe 3D is great for anyone who wants thicker, defining and full brows.

I tried out the treatment myself and absolutely loved the result. I had the process applied at the prestigious FOUR London salon in Mayfair. Prior to the treatment I had a full consultation where the whole process was explained and I also had to do a full patch test 24 hours before. The process was quick, easy and pain-free treatment and rather similar to when one is getting individual lashes done. I do need to point out that getting faceframe 3D brows is not similar to waxing nor threading as those treatment removes your natural hair, so I would recommend that you get your brows waxed or threaded before you undergo this process in order to obtain the best effect. The treatment lasts up to two weeks, mine actually lasted only couple of days but I that was due to my own lack of care - I kept touching my eyebrows and it kept getting stuck to my hair.

Faceframe 3D is priced at £35 for a full brow work and ranges from £15 for a refill when required and it's available at selected beauty salon in and out of London.

For more information please visit the website.