Fabled Beauty


The team from Marie Clairehave turned the beauty advice from their magazine into a store that is online and bricks and mortar. Fabled Beautyis a one stop shop for all things skincare, makeup and beauty tools and there are some candles too. Marie Claire was my magazine of choice during my twenties; it provided interesting features and articles that didn’t just focus on sex and making the guy try to like me. I was interested as a #brownbeauty to see how Marie Claire’s beauty emporium would fair for Women of Colour. I wanted to see what they had that would make me use their service instead of going to my favourite department store website or specialist beauty store. Fabled sell L’Oreal and Maybelline as well as NARS and YSL. The benefit of this is that all the brands are in one place, instead of having to visit all three department stores and a Boots. The edit of products is a nice one. There are some lovely limited edition products and staples so I could see myself buying from them on a regular basis.

The bug bear for the majority of brownbeauties is not being catered for with respect to complexion products. On Fabled Beauty as with the high street high end brands fare better than the high street. It would be helpful to have a key that relates to skin tones that are catered for. Something on the website to indicate shades for different skin intensities to prevent me having to go into each product to find out whether there is a shade for me. You can get the magazine for the reduced price of £1.00. This is great but I feel that it should be free for purchases over £35.00 or even £50.00, this would be a nice gesture and an incentive to buy from Fabled on a regular basis.

I was gifted with a £50 voucher from the brand which I used on the website. After the payment has been confirmed I immediately realised I had chosen the wrong shade in one of the products. I immediately used the live chat to ask if it was possible to amend the order and I was told by the very nice sales rep that is wasn’t. That was a pain because I knew full well that the order has not started to be packed or processed in the ninety seconds that had passed.

I have had this issue with other online sites and they were able to make the amendment. My order was not processed till the following day. I am sure it is an issue that they will face on a regular basis and when it is within minutes of the order being made, it is a real shame that the system could not accommodate me.

You can get your order delivered by Ocado. I made my order at 9.00am on Sunday morning and arranged for it to be delivered between 7.30am and 8.30pm the following day, allowing me to do a full day at work and have drinks with a friend before getting home and waiting for my parcel. You can choose the hour of delivery, which makes it better than the other stores that use a courier who cant be specific about delivery times.

As a #brownbeauty shopper I find that the choices for Women of Colour are pretty good. I managed to pick up four complexion products each of which were under £20.00 from brands as diverse as Cover FX and HylamideFabled Beauty is definitely a beauty destination worth visiting.


For more information, please visit their website.