Eylure Brow Tame and Define Wax


Eylure are perhaps better known for known for their legendary lashes, however late last year they came out with an extensive range of products for brows. I’ve tried a number of their brow products and think they’re some of the best out there. I hadn’t tried their Brow Tame and Define Wax but after loving their brow pencil, brow crayon and brow control gel, I obviously had high expectations about the performance and quality of the brow wax. The Brow Tame and Define Wax comes in the form of a stout pencil. For starters, I like the serif typeface and greyish navy colour, as it adds a bit of a high-quality aesthetic to what is actually a very affordable product. The brow wax itself has a texture true to form - it’s waxy but leaves no oily residue, and is creamy so is easy to use when taming and defining the brows. Some brow control products make the brows shiny which in turn makes them look unnatural, but this one leaves the brows looking matte and natural.

I prefer to apply a bit of this brow wax on the brow bone, and then push it up to keep the brow arch high. It can also be used to taper the ends of the brows, which I’ve found useful since the ends of my brows are sometimes unruly. The brow wax has a great longevity but I do take it around for touch ups if I’m out all day.

Eylure’s Brow Tame and Define Wax is a great product to use if wanting to tame the brows and keep them in shape for a good number of hours. For added value, I think Eylure could include a sharpener with this product since it requires a large sized sharpener. This brow wax is a worthy product in Eylure’s brow line-up and is pleasantly accessible too.

Eylure Brow Tame and Define Wax is priced at £6.45.

For more information, please visit their website.