Eve's Therapies Hair & Beauty Salon


Eve's Therapies Hair & Beauty Salon was recommended by Tunrayo so I booked an appointment to get my hair done in Afro Kinky twists. The salon is situated in Forest Green but it is only a short bus ride from Stratford station. I was attended to by the lovely Rita - we had spoken on the phobe when I originally booked my appointment and she had advised me on what sort of hair I needed and as well as the quantities. She also listened to what I told her I wanted and made suggestions. I found Rita to be efficient and very fast. There was no situation of me booking an appointment for 12pm only to come in and wait for an hour or more because the salon had overbooked. My appointment was at 12pm and I was seen to at that time. Result! I had a weave already installed so Rita took that out and then washed and conditioned my hair and gave me a treatment. She then began to twist my hair which took under four hours and there was no expectations of me to help out with the hair (which I hate) instead I could sit back and relax. What makes Eve's Therapies stand out is that they offer great service but not at a budget that will cause you to remortgage your house. The salon is also decently decorated and more importantly clean and tidy. I don't get the jitters going in there and it is also well heated.

To top that off they also have an in-house beauty therapist who offers treatments such as eyebrow waxing and manicures which is perfect for me as I do not need to head off to another establishment because I can get my hair, nails and eyebrows done in one place. I do need to add that I went to get my hair done on a Monday which is off peak time but to be honest I doubt whether the standards of the service would slip during peak time.

Eve's Therapies Hair & Beauty Salon are based on 301 Romford Road, Forest Gate, London, E7 9HA. For more information please visit their website.