EverPro Beauty Zero Grey

Do you have grey hair?  I know I ‘m not the only one dealing with the pesky greys.  According to my mum, I get it from my father’s side of the family. I’ve had pesky greys shooting through my locs for about 10 years. I used to dye my hair jet black at home. My bathroom looked like a five year old had gone crazy with a black sharpie and about two weeks after hair colour, my patch of grey at the front of my hair would start to peak through.

I have tried hair mascaras and eyelash mascaras but they just did not work for me so I stopped dyeing my hair about four years ago. I accepted the grey and just let is come through.  Now there is a solution to my grey. EverPro beauty Zero Grey is available in two formulations.

The Root Concealer Spray contains the pigment that covers the grey. The spray is cold when applied to the hair to you need to brace yourself.  Don’t hold the spray to close to your hair.  If your grey is near your hairline like mine is, you will need to cover your face as the spray will colour your skin despite the pin point nozzle.

The Root Touch Up Magnetic Powder is a better option for you if you are looking to deal with the grey at your parting rather than just in general areas.  The fibres are pressed like an eyeshadow into the container and you apply them with a sponge which is glued to the detachable bottom of the component.  I found this product was cumbersome to use.  I would rather have had a larger sponge or a stubby brush.

Both products work best if the hair has no product on it.  Difficult for me with my locs as I use oil based products but I did make it work. I found that the spray was better than the magnetic fibres with my locs but I got family members to try the product and the result was generally positive.

Zero Grey is available in four shades. I have been using the Dark Brown/Black and I found it was a good match. Once on the hair it does not rub off onto your hands or your pillow.  For me, this is an occasional not an every day product as I have come to accept my grey. If you go for regular colour treatments EverPro Grey is a great way to extend the time between your colour treatment.

EverPro Beauty is available exclusively from Superdrug.  The Temporary Root Concealer Spray is priced £9.99 and the Root Touch-up Magnetic Powder for £12.99.

For more information, please visit the Superdrug website.