Evelyn & Crabtree Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Soufflé


This is a light, whipped, easily absorbed cream which contains moisturising glycerine and shea butter to make your skin soft and silky smooth. It is part of the Pear and Pink Magnolia Collection which Evelyn & Crabtree launched recently which aims to revitalising, cleanse and smooth your skin. At first when I cracked this open I was thrilled because it looked so rich, fluffy and creamy. Heaven to my skin I thought to myself plus it smelt so delicious. The fragrance is of a fresh, juicy pear is combined with the delicate floral notes of pink magnolia, jasmine and osmanthus. Unfortunately it is nowhere near as hydrating as I thought it would be and barely a few minutes after application my skin felt as dry as a sahara desert and trust me I sloughed it on. Also the after smell was not at all pleasing to me and as nice as the moisturiser was in the tub for some reason it smelt odd on my skin. The texture of the souffle is really nice and my skin did feel smooth afterwards but I feel that it needs an extra shot of shea butter to do the trick.

I would say that this product is great for the summer or when you are away on holiday when you don't want your skin to get too bogged down with product. I am going to put this souffle in with my summer stash and give it another go when I am on vacation.

The Pear and Pink Magnolia Body Soufflé is priced at £22 and available now.

For more information please visit the Evelyn & Crabtree website.