Eve Lom Cleansers


Eve Lom is a Czech born facialist to the stars and is also an expert in anatomy, nutrition and massage, she launched her acclaimed high end cosmetics brand in 1985. Eve keeps her skincare range to a minimum so as not to bombard consumers and her main emphasis is on cleansing and exfoliation, although she has recently branched into colour cosmetics. I received the Morning Time Cleanser and the cult Cleanser, which was the first product in the range. I’ll start with the Morning Time Cleanser; it’s supposed to be a lighter version of the cleansing balm to be used in the morning to wake the skin up. It’s a two minute wash off balm and uses four of Eve Lom’s signature aromatic cleansing oils; Clove Oil which is anti-septic, Eucalyptus Oil that helps to drain away toxins, Hops oil tones and Egyptian Chamomile Oil that softens and soothes. These are combined with Papaya Fruit Enzyme which exfoliates, brightens and minimises pores and Carrot Oil to stimulate collagen production, these all work together to leave skin radiant, refreshed and balanced.

I didn’t think I would enjoy using a balm based cleanser in the morning, as I previously preferred a lightly foaming gel based one, but I was wrong and my skin has loved it. I massaged it on dry skin before getting in the shower, and rinsed it off just before getting out; my skin is left soft, clean and not stripped. Also it has not exacerbated the oily areas of my combination skin but instead leaves it nicely balanced.

At night I use the Cleanser, I’ve heard so much about this product and used a sample a while ago, it’s controversial as it contains Mineral Oil. Eve is adamant that it’s high grade extremely refined mineral, I don’t go out of my way to avoid mineral oil as I find it doesn’t appear to affect my skin adversely, but it’s something to consider. The balm contains the four signature oils mentioned above in addition to cocoa butter to condition. I massaged this into dry skin after removing my initial layer of make-up with a wipe or cleansing water, then use the accompanying muslin cloth and hot tap water to remove. My skin is left feeling clean, glowing, hydrated and balanced.

When I received these products I decided to try and stick to a consistent cleansing routine for a while to aid the consistency of my good skin days and my skin has responded well to the above products. My skin’s texture has smoothed out and it looks more radiant and even toned. I feel all skin types can benefit from these products - even those with oily skin. If however you want to avoid mineral oil but want to try an Eve Lom cleanser then consider using the Morning Time Cleanser at night.

These products aren’t cheap, the Morning Time Cleanser is £40 for 125ml and the Cleanser ranges from £40 for 50ml - £85 for 200ml, but they should last a good while.

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