Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10


Estee Lauder Double Wear fStay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 is available in 31 shades in the UK and have a C, N or W letter on the end of the number to denote a cool, neutral or warm undertone. So far so impressed. The thirty millilitres of product is housed in a pretty frosted glass bottle with a gold lid - but why isn’t there a pump? It is really messy and wasteful and if one is not provided on the bottle (which it should be) then the brand should sell them. The shade I tried (6C2 Rich Mahogany) was too dark for me but as the weather is getting colder and my necklines are getting higher I spent a week wearing this product taking it down to my collar bone. Despite this shade being deeper than my skin tone, I did not find it to be full coverage – the mehndi on the back of my hand was still present after two layers of product an on my face – my scars were still visible.

It is medium coverage so you will need to use a concealer with it. If you find that your skin eats your foundation by the end of the day then Double Wear is definitely worth a try. The formula is quite light and not at all sticky so you don’t feel like you are wearing a heavy product and it does not have a strong scent. I did not find that my t-zone was too oily by midday even though I have upgraded to a richer moisturiser.

Estee Lauder claim that this is a 15 hour foundation. I did find it to be long wearing - but no more so then my current Lancôme foundation. After 12 hours it was a little faded but nothing that a touch of powder wouldn’t fix. Overall I quite like Double Wear, I would like it more if it was in a tube like the Double Wear Maximum Coverage Foundation or came with a pump like the Perfectionist Foundation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Makeup SPF 10 is stocked in department stores and retails for £29.50