Essie Fall 2014 Collection


Essie has existed for over three decades but it has never been as popular as it is today. It’s not hard to see why Essie’s popularity has grown since there are over 250 shades to choose from, to ensure that you’re categorically catered for. For Fall 2014, Essie have produced some outstanding shades and I tried some of them out. The nail polishes are all brilliant in quality. They are quick to dry, easy to apply and pleasantly easy to remove too. I quite like the sturdy, wide brush as it covers the whole nail which ensures an even finish. Take It Outside is described as a ‘punchy, fresh taupe’. To me, it looks like a light grey with a hint of lilac. It’s a good nude shade without being a nude exactly, and is suitable to wear for all occasions. I think it would be particularly lovely for special occasions due to the delicate and romantic aura is gives.

In contrast, Partner In Crime is a very dark chocolate shade, with deep mahogany undertones that give this shade an edge over other dark browns available on the market. Those with darker skin tones could use this as a darker nude shade. Also part of the Fall 2014 collection is Style Cartel, which is an inky, cobalt blue. It’s perhaps my least favourite of the collection because I don’t really like this shade of blue, however that’s down to personal preference and many will love this shade due to the way it stands out.

Dress To Kilt is a ‘dangerously seductive’ red. What I like about this red is that it is quite deep and differs from the usual post box red, and in some lights actually looks like a true blood colour, making this my favourite of the bunch. Dress To Kilt complements Partner In Crime very well and both are great shades for the upcoming festive season.

I do feel that Essie have produced a nice collection here. Each nail polish is agreeably affordable at £7.99 each. The longevity is pretty impressive - lasting six days. I will definitely be indulging in these nail polishes over the next couple of months, particularly in Dress To Kilt as it is truly as seductive as Essie claims and brings a new meaning to red nails.

For more information please visit their website.