Essence All About Eyeshadow Palettes


Essence is a beauty brand whose offerings I’ve never experienced before, so I was interested to see what makes them tick as a makeup brand, as they’re quite different to others on the market. I researched their philosophy and can totally get behind their values of being affordable, fun and cruelty-free. The most unique aspect of Essence is that they prefer to invest their money into ensuring their cosmetics are of a high quality, preferring their quality to speak louder than expensive ad campaigns. I tried three variations of their All About Eyeshadow Palettes. The first was the All About Greys Palette, which holds eight (alas, not fifty) shades of grey. Interestingly, there’s a variety of finishes with the shades in this palette. The two matte shades are a chalky white and a very dark grey. I think it’s clever that Essence have opted to have these two shades as being matte since they can be mixed to brighten or darken the other shades in the palette, without distorting the finish. The centre four shades have a metallic finish and the remaining two have a highly sparkly finish. The mix of finishes means that this is a palette that will take you from day to night, and the shades included are effortless to wear and are versatile.

Similarly, the All About Nudes Palette boasts eight shades of different finishes. I like the fact that there’s five matte shades because it means that these would make ideal bases for the eyelids. There’s a nude for most skin tones and a metallic beige which can actually be used to highlight small areas such as the brow bones. There’s also a metallic khaki-brown and a sparkly medium brown, the latter of which is my favourite of the palette as it suits my skin tone and amps up any look.

Lastly, I tried the All About Roses Palette. There’s a range of light to mid pinks, lilac to medium purples and failsafe brownish taupes. This palette is my most preferred of the three because it incorporates hues of different colours rather than one. Again, there’s a variety of finishes, including matte, metallic and sparkly. The lighter pinks can be used as pink-toned highlighters on the face for when gold or white highlighters seem a bit boring.

Overall, I really like these eyeshadow palettes from Essence. I’ve worn most shades over a substantial amount of hours and found them to last well, creasing or fading by a negligible amount. As well as having a good longevity, the pigment is good and the packaging is fun and fuss-free, lacking pretension. Like the rest of the products in Essence’s range, these palettes are unbelievably cheap and affordable.

Essence All About Eyeshadows pic 2

The All About Eyeshadow Palettes are priced at £4.00.

For more information, please visit their website.