Erb Up in Arms


If you suffer from overly sweaty under arms then you will find the Up in Arms collection by Erb a life saver. The name Erb comes from an old Thai expression 'erb-im' which referres to the radiant glow of Thai women from the past. The brand uses traditional Siamese practices in order to bring a touch of bliss to modern life. Erb have a large catalogue of products for your face, body and hair. I came across the brand at the Supply and Buy event decided to try out the Up in Arms collection simply out of curiosity. The Underarm Skin Toner refreshes and tones your underarm getting rid of any sticky residues. It contains certified organic ingredients such as Guava Leaf which cleanses and soothes, Licorice which brightens and tones and Cucumber which hydrates and refreshes. Instead of using a deodorant to spray under your arms you just soak a cotton ball with the toner and apply it to your underarms right after showering. The toner really leaves my arms feeling very refreshed. Unlike before when I would use deodarant but still get sweaty barely an hour after, the toner keeps me feeling dry throughout the day. Well worth the money and I will definately be repurchasing.

The Underarm Detox Mask exfoliates and gets rids of all the toxics and impurities in your under arms. This gem unblock the follicles and allows your skin to breathe freely. It contains Guava Leaf, Tamarind, White Clay and Peppermint. The instructions are that you apply this product before you shower, leave it on for up to 10 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. They advise that you use it up to three times a week but to be honest I think once a week would suffice. I have only used this product once in the last month and it has really worked wonders. No excessive sweating and my underarms feel a lot smoother. You do get a slight tingly sensation after you apply it but it is nothing major and your arms are not inflammed by the toner.

The Toner is priced at £16.00 and the Detox Mask at £17.00 but I see them as investment products that play a part in your well being. No one likes to feel smuggy and when you do it has a negative affect on your mood. You can purchase these products  from the website.