Elle Macpherson Heel Smoother


Summer might be coming to an end but the weather is still decent enough to get away with donning sandals and flip-flops. But with that means one thing - you will need a pedicure. The Elle MacPherson Heel Smoother is your go to product for quick and simple results in minutes. The Heel Smoother works like a dream. I'v known about my dry heel for a while now and but never have the time to go sit in a salon for hours. I have tried numerous other at home product to get rid of it including the stone you can find in most African Caribbean store but nothing worked as well as this did.

At first I was skeptical. I assumed it would be just another product marketed to do something it couldn't. I tried the product twice and got amazing results. The first time was on dry feet just before going out and the second time was on wet feet after a shower. The rotating blade basically spin around collecting the dead skin. For best result I'd say use it on wet feet as the dead skin is softer and easier to remove that way.

The only downside I experienced with the product was the residue chamber which was meant to collect the dead skin. For some reason the residue ended up on the floor as opposed to the chamber. I suggest using it on a mat or somewhere you can easily clean after use.

Elle Mcpherson Heel Smoother pic 2

The Elle MacPherson Heel Smoother is available from amazon and Argos and comes with batteries and a spare buffing blade included.

For more information please visit the HotMedics website.