Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream


One of the UK's favourite spa brands has released out a new British Botanicals Face & Body Experience as part of the 25th anniversary celebrations. Elemis - who are known for their efficiency with ingredients and most of their beautiful smells - have curated six exciting products which include the British Botanical Shower Cream. This product is as with others in the brand, rich, creamy and moisturising. It is formulated without sodium lauryl sulphate so I don’t find it drying at all on my skin. The big news with this product however is the smell. Elemis is known for smelling like a spa in a bottle. The Frangipani Monoi range is intense and heady with the coconut gardenia and frangipani blend and the Nourishing Milk Bath range is soothing and subtle so I know that this brand can do fragrance. I was anticipating that the British Botanical Fragrance would be lovely but I was not expecting it to be so bold. There is no delicacy or subtly with this fragrance and I love that.

Lavender, chamomile, geranium rosemary and palmerosa provide the green and woody fragrance with a touch of floral and a dash of sweetness. I knew I was going to enjoy this product but I did not know I was going to enjoy it so much. It is very unisex and perfect day or night.

Elemis British Botanical Shower Cream is priced at £24.00.

For more information, please visit their website.