Elegant Touch Nails


There are many advantages of wearing press-on nails rather than a nail polish. If the glue is good then the press-on will last for several days; they don’t chip and the variety of pre-made designs are far and plenty. In terms of press-on nails, Elegant Touch is the first brand that springs to mind and I got to try a few of their products. First off are the La Croix nails, designed by Henry Holland for Elegant Touch. The pack contains sixteen beige nails and eight bejewelled nails of pink, red and yellow-gold gems to pimp up the sophisticated nude look. I’ve found that the jewelled nails are best worn on the ring or on the outer finger, in keeping with the current nail trends. The nails in this pack take on a rounded stiletto shape, and that teamed with the beige-brown colour gives the illusion of elongated fingers. The nails are pretty long but are extremely easy to wear and they don’t feel heavy on the fingers.

The Totally Clear Short Oval nails are an option to be considered if you want your talons to look like your bare nails but better. They have a high, glossy shine and the short oval shape makes these nails suitable for those who don’t like stiletto length. Interestingly, you can apply polish on top of these clear press-ons - doing this will make the polish last longer than if applied straight to bare nails, because of the lack of moisture on the press-on ones.

The last type I tried was the Power Trip Polished press-on nails. They’re my favourite of all three I’ve tried because the colour and design suits my personal taste best. I like the dusky rose colour and the faint shimmer present amongst the high gloss. The name Power Trip is fitting because the shade is a feminine take on a classic nude and is suitable for work, and the stiletto shape insinuates power and command.

All three nail packs contain a nail buffer, nail glue and a variety of sizes so each nail size is closely catered for. The House of Holland nails are more expensive than the standard ones but is justified because of the use of gems and gift-friendly packaging. I’ve never really considered wearing press-on nails before but have enjoyed the convenience and quality of Elegant Touch’s ones- the glue is of a high quality and the nails last for a decent eight or nine days before the glue wears off.

Elegant Touch pic 2

Elegant Touch Nails La Croix is priced at £12.99, Totally Clear Short Oval at £4.65 and Power Trip Polished is £6.59.

For more information, please visit their website.