Edit London Blackhead Extraction Paste

Generally I love reviewing products for the website but when I got the Edit London Blackhead Extraction Paste in the post I was scared.  I have seen products on this type all over YouTube.  Sometimes people make their own with an epoxy glue (like Copydex) and charcoal and after applying it to the skin they show you the gunk that they removed from their pores.  DIY skincare is not safe and I don’t wanna see your gunk, thank you very much.

The idea behind this mask is that it pulls the plugs of sebum and any dead skincells from the skin.  The texture is sticky and takes a while to dry so you need the 20 – 30 minutes that the product is on the skin. The mask gradually tightens on the skin as it dries and the polyvinyl alcohol acts as the copydex element.  The intense black colour comes from a carbon pigment, but does not provide any skincare benefits.  The active is sea silt which draws out impurities like a clay.

I have a few blackheads on the tip of my nose but I am good with my skincare so my skin is in pretty good condition. I expected that after the first use, my blackheads would be completely gone.  Sadly no.  This product did not help at all.  The blackheads were still there and yes I did take a picture of the before and after.  Despite the lavender in the ingredients list this mask does not smell pleasant.  

I used it twice and it was very painful to remove although it was fun to peel it off in one go, it was not fun losing the surface layer of my skin.  It did not remove dirt and grime from my pores and it did not minimise the appearance of my pores. What it did was just leave my nose sore.  Give me a Biore nose strip any day of the week!

If you have a good skincare routine then you don’t need this product.  If you are making YouTube videos, you might want to try it for entertainment purposes but have a soothing cream ready for application after use.  If you have blackheads there are other more effective products on the market – try a salicylic wash or toner or go for a facial with a facialist.

Edit London Blackhead Extraction Paste is available from Misfit Cosmetics and retails for £18.99.

For more information, please visit their website