Eden Virgin Hair Aims to Break Into the Weave Industry


The UK weave industry is a billion pound industry and only set to grow in years to come. While we may be embracing our natural hair and getting in touch with our curl pattern and protective styling, there is a huge number of us who still love our weaves especially the virgin hair ones. Brands taking the weave world by storm are Bleu Ribbon Hair and Sleek International, and however there is a new player to the market called Eden Virgin Hair. Founded by Omon Adoghe, they offer beautiful and luxury natural hair. The Remy hair extensions are sourced from Asia and South America and can be heat styled, washed and dyed just like your own. The collection consists of wavy, cury, poker straight hair that can be easily styled in anyway you wish. They are not cheap and prices start at £90 per pack but if you are after premium quality hair then you really need to give Eden Virgin Hair a look.

For more information please visit the website.