ecoTOOLS Get Conscious With Hair


ecoTools are famously known for their passion for both beauty and the environment - who knew those two things go well together. ecoTools launched back in 2008 and ever since they have grown within the industry and bring out new beauty products every year. Their product ranges from cosmetic accessories, eyelash extensions and bath products all featuring innovative eco-conscious materials. I stumbled upon ecoTools a few years ago while looking for a replacement makeup brush at my local Boots store. The bamboo stick instantly attracted me to the brand and as I looked further, reading and research about the brand, I found out that their products are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free. ecoTools makeup brushes are made from recycled aluminium ferrules; the brushes are really soft and allow you to apply your makeup effortlessly, so you can imagine how excited I was when I got the news that they were launching a range of hairbrush.

The hairbrushes are perfect for both long and short hair and all types of hair whether it be straight or curly. It can even tame the toughest afro hair and believe me when I say that I have tested it and when it come to my afro, it’s no a walk in the park. The brushes are set to leave both the head and hair happy and healthy while drying hair 20% faster with less heat damage because it is designed with an aerodynamic eco-Vent system which is perfect for a quick blowout. The brushes will look right on any vanity table with their renewable bamboo handles.

There are five brushes in the collection and there is something for every need:

Smoothing Detangler – this is ideal for the early morning hair, it literally detangles the toughest knots without pulling out the hair.

Full Volume Styler – this is ideal for those with luscious manes, the rounded vented brush creates a bouncy voluminous blow out.

Styler + Smoother – this is perfect for extensions, a versatile half-round provides the styling features to a round brush, while the cushion gently smoothes and detangles.

Sleek + Shine Finisher – ideal for the perfect pony tall style, has great control even on the smallest hair. Its softness and gentleness works well to sleek down those edges.

Quick Volume Styler – this is ideal for people with shorter or thinner hair, or when you just want a quick dry as the ventilation will provide faster drying time.

At £10.99 you can grab one of the ecoTools hairbrushes at Boots.

For more information just visit the website.