Earthzest Organics


Earthzest Organics is a British organic brand started by Jackie Callow who left her career in a city law firm to pursue her passion and create an affordable organic skincare range that would suit her very sensitive skin. It should be noted that the brand self-defines itself as organic but is currently not in receipt of certification from any regulatory bodies ie Soil Association / ECO Cert, NATRUE or any other body. The brand launched in September and offers range of paraben, sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic fragrance free face and body products. I have been trialling two over the past couple of weeks. 3 in 1 Makeup Remover This product nourishes the skin and conditions lashes as well as removing eye makeup. It is a sweet almond and jojoba oil blend with lavender and chamomile essential oils. I am a big fan of oil cleansers but this one is slightly different. Rather than applying the oil to your eyes, massaging gently and removing with a warm damp flannel as I would usually do, this product is sprayed onto a damp cotton wool pad. The pads are placed over the eyes and after some seconds gently removed. I found that they worked very well to take off my eye-shadow and eyebrow make-up but my mascara was left in place.

Massaging my lashes with the product and wiping them with a damp cotton wool bud worked better for me but some days I found a miclleaire to be the best way to remove the mascara and then follow with the oil. I love the idea of an oil makeup remover but caution should be taken with essential oils near the eyes. Interestingly there is a Cleansing Oil in the range for hypersensitive skin which does not contain any essential oils, so this might be a better option if you have sensitive eyes. I found that this product worked well to remove my face makeup to so I have been enjoying using it as a Cleansing Oil across my whole face, not just on my eyes.

Green Clay Pack The jar contains only one ingredient - Montmorillinite Clay. You add as much or little water or floral water to the clay powder, mix your mask to the consistency that you want and apply it to your face, removing it after five to 10 minutes. There are both pros and cons to having a clay mask in this format; it is cheaper as there is only one ingredient and you get more value as you can make the product as thick or thin as your want or just apply it to spots. However, as much as I love my skincare routine this is a bit of a faff. There are days where I want to be my own mixologist and concoct a mask to my own specification… but there are other days when I just want to slap a product on and continue with other tasks.

I am enjoying having it in my beauty cupboard, and have been mixing it with all sort of things like Aloe Vera gel, and the odd drop of essential oil with varying results. Occasionally I have also added half a tea spoon to my cleanser, so there is huge flexibility with this product – you just need to have some time and imagination. Because there is just water added to the clay it dries hard so you will find it difficult to talk but it is removed easily with a warm flannel. I found it to be very slightly drying on the skin so make sure that you follow with a moisturiser.

If you are looking for a British brand with a strong sustainability ethos or are looking for skincare that caters to hypersensitive skin, Earthzest is a good option.

Earthzest is sold online. The Eye Makeup Remover retail for £20.00 and the Green Clay Pack for £7.00.