DNKY Nectar Love

I’m a nature lover. I’m particularly fond of bees and butterflies, so I plant flowers to attract them to my back garden. Inspired by the most primal instinct in nature; the bee’s need for a flower’s nectar, DNKY’s new perfume Nectar Love was created. The very idea intrigued me and from the first spritz I was in captivated of the fragrance. The evening I wore it, I loved myself for it. DNKY’s Nectar Love is my new perfume obsession. 

Nectar Love is an intoxicating fragrance. When I wore it, I felt grown-up and sexy.  I had the sense of my femininity uncurling. ‘Like a bee captivated by the irresistible draw to a lush blooming flower, Nectar Love captures nature’s pull of undeniable attraction.’  The packaging of Nectar Loves is just as striking as the fragrance.

In DNKY’s signature apple shaped bottle with a twist, it’s a clear glass bottle upon which sits a bee, topped with a golden cover where another bee sits. The perfume comes with a card game which is special touch that would make it a perfect gift for her: wedding, birthday, Valentine’s.

The perfume is meant to be for summer. Personally I’d wear it all year round. I select perfumes based on how they make me feel rather than the season. Nectar Love is a floral scent, but the base notes that give it its intensity, there’s: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Musk, Beeswax and Neroli. While the heart notes are: Jasmine, Muguet, Orange Flower and Mirabelle.

This perfume is exceptional blends of sexy, aphrodisiac scents that will certainly make the wearer stand out in crowd with a certain allure. This fragrance has made me fall in love with perfume all over again. It’s now firmly at the top of my list of favourite perfumes.

DNKY Nectar Love is priced at £40.00 for 30 mil, £55.00 for 50 mil and £74.00 for 100 mil. It is available to buy from The Perfume Shop

For more information, please visit their website.