Dizziak Deep Conditioner

I’m dizzy for Dizziak; it’s the aphrodisiac my hair has been waiting for. When I popped open the envelope and the chunky tube slipped into my hand, the first thing that struck me was the logo - it made me feel I was in for an exciting experience. 2018 marks my 8th anniversary of being a naturalista and during this period brands have come and gone; some have even grown. Though I no longer need to import hair products, I’m always thrilled to be introduced to something new. Dizziak is my new big love, it rivals my favourite hair deep conditioner/masque on price and quantity. Dizziak Deep Conditioner is suitable for any hair type that needs strength, moisture retention and wonderful shine.

Dizziak was created by half-Nigerian, half-Italian beauty writer Loretta De Feo. They say necessity is the mother of invention; well, the natural hair industry has been reaping the rewards of that need. After being made redundant, Loretta decided to bring to life the idea she’s been thinking of for about a decade. She needed haircare that was accessible in the UK which would be suitable for her afro hair; so, she created Dizziak. Although this range was made with afro hair in mind, it’s actually a natural vegan multicultural hair conditioner.

Dizziak comes in a 200ml tube and is priced at £22.00 It’s worth every pound because inside is a luscious creamy conditioner with an enchanting unisex aromatic fragrance made of Aloe Vera, Babbasu Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Inca Inch Oil, Quinoa protein (alternative to silk protein for vegans) and Shea Butter. There are no silicones, mineral oil, cruelty free and it’s vegan friendly. 

I used this product on two occasions and had fabulous results. It’s got me craving a shampoo to couple it with. On both trials I used my usual shampoo, after rinsing and towel drying my hair, I applied Dizziak. I left it for five minutes (but it can be left to process for 30 minutes) with a plastic cap on.  After the five minutes, I half rinsed my hair, detangled it, then, I completed the rinsing process and styled as usual. My hair looked shiny, the curls felt pillow soft and it had an amazing fragrance. 

I conclude that Dizziak is a deep conditioner that naturals need to try. You’re not likely to regret it.

For more information, please visit their website