Diego Dalla Parma Rosso Rossetto Lipstick


Diego Dalla Palma is an Italian makeup brand. I have seen their products available at Marks and Spencer and their range stands out due to the glossy white packaging, which is attractive as it stands out greatly from the usual black. I tried the Rosso Rossetto Lipstick in shade 109, Geranium. It combines the function of providing lip colour with the benefits of skincare, as it is enriched with ‘HILURLIP’ which acts as a plumper, moisturiser and is anti-ageing too. It also contains Raspberry Seed Oil, Vitamin E (an increasingly popular ingredient), Jojoba and Argan Butters and Cramide Complex, for immediate moisture. The actual texture is very rich and creamy, with a very slight sheen. It feels smooth and comfortable on the lips and, unlike some lipsticks, doesn’t dry lips or cake during wear. The longevity of the Rosso Rossetto Lipstick is very impressive, lasting me well over four hours. The good thing about Geranium is that even when it starts to fade off, you are still left with a very pigmented stain.

One layer of this lipstick gives full opacity. Geranium is a bright - almost hot - pink, which is a shade I wouldn’t normally go for, but I’m glad I tried it as it works well with fresh makeup, and is particularly suited to the coming warmer weather. I felt that my lips looked slightly plumper, but would put this down to the lipstick’s excellent moisturising ability (moisturised lips give the illusion of plumper lips without actually plumping lips), and less down to the clinical HILURLIP feature. The fact it gives the illusion of fewer fine lines does make it visually anti-aging too.

I feel that at a mere £15.50 a pop, this lipstick from Diego Dalla Parma offers high value for money. I have never come across a lipstick which has 4.7g of product, so Diego Dalla Parma aren’t just about having head-turning aesthetics. You can buy this lipstick from Marks and Spencer.

For more information, please visit the Diego Dalla Parma website.