DHC Quick Film Smoother

The DHC Quick Film Smoother is a gel cream that is considered a lightweight moisturiser to be used for reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. DHC claim that this cream has an immediate effect due to its ‘collagen rich egg shell membrane (ESM) peptides’, as well as the ‘combination of algae extract, sodium hyaluronate and soy protein hydrate’ which helps in the retention of moisture. 

The Quick Film Smoother is initially marketed as an eye wrinkle cream, but can be used all over the face where fine lines need to be smoothed. They also say that the cream can be used as a makeup primer too. 

When I first received the cream, my initial thought was that I personally do not experience fine lines or wrinkles, so my review will not necessarily cover my experience regarding this. However, I did use the cream as a primer. 

Although this cream is considered a moisturiser, it does not have an oily finish to it. On initial application, the cream easily spreads across my face and I feel its moisturising properties working. My skin feels soft when working the cream in, however the more you work the cream in the tackier it becomes. This makes it great as a primer. The tackier a primer is, the greater it is for keeping your makeup lasting longer. Once the cream has settled into my skin, it dries down leaving a smooth film base (this would explain the immediate effect it has on covering fine lines and wrinkles).

I found that this product works really well as a primer. It kept my foundation on for at least eight hours and I found that my foundation applied easily on top of it. I will say that if you have oily skin you may need to consider multi-priming as this will not control your oils. 

The DHC Quick Film Smoother is priced at £22.00

For more information, please visit the DHC UK website