DHC Premium Lipstick


Daigaku Honyaku Center (DHC) is a Japanese brand established in 1972, I’ve used DHC skincare on and off for years, the Mild Lotion is one of my favourite toners, but I’ve yet to delve into the colour cosmetics till now. I received two of these Premium Lipsticks that have a satin finish and claim to make lips look younger, fuller and more plump with Olive oil, Vitamin A and skin conditioning germanium. Germanium is said to have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, but there are also some concerns about the side effects when used in medicines and food, however it’s still commonly used. I don’t know much about this ingredient or the side effects when using it topically, and have not had any reactions when using these lipsticks, but maybe something you want to do your own research on.

I received the shades BE111 and OR112, no names just these numbers and letters, housed in a gorgeous gold and silver tube with a floral print and the brand name etched on the bottom. BE111 is a gorgeous muted pinky nude shade, that doesn’t have too much beige, which is more flattering on darker skin tones. OR112 is a subtle coral peachy shade.

These colours are nicely pigmented and great for everyday day wear. They have good staying power, while being hydrating and comfortable to wear on the lips. I’m fortunate enough that I am not yet worried about wrinkles around my lips, but it’s nice to know these lipsticks have something extra about them.

My one complaint is that the shade numbers are not printed on the actually lipstick tube, so once you discard the colour coded boxes these lipsticks are housed in, you may not remember the shade name. It would also have been nice if the lipsticks had actually shade names, rather than just letters and numbers, but that’s just me nit picking.

These lipsticks cost £13, but are currently on sale on the DHC website for £11, there are six shades in total.