DHC Mineral Mask


The sexy matte black packaging of the DHC Mineral Mask is quite a departure from Japanese skincare brand. I expected the mask to be green but the mint green accents on the box were a hint to the colour of the mask. The tube packaging has a wide hole which means that you are not squeezing for ages to get the product out. However, it does mean that you may squeeze out too much product on first use. This clay mask is a mixture of bentonite and kaolin clays as well as glycerine (humectant) royal jelly, hyaluronic acid and mulberry route. These added ingredients mean that once the mask is removed your skin is not left taut or dry as some clay masks can do. The mask does set on the skin, but the addition of glycerine and aloe vera mean that it does not set hard or crack when you talk.

Once the mask has been removed, there is is a definite reduction in the appearance of the pores but I didn’t really get a brightening effect on my skin. This is one of the easiest clay masks to remove. No need to scrub the face – it removed easily with a flannel. At £29.00 it is not the cheapest clay mask on the market, but if you are looking for a mask that is easy to remove and has a positive effect on the appearance of pores, this is a good one.

DHC Mineral Mask is priced at £29.00.

For more information, please visit their website.