DHC Beauty Lift Collection


DHC’s Beauty Lift range is a range of skincare products, consisting of four products which aim to smooth and hydrate the skin, to give it an instantly lifted appearance. The Beauty Lift Lotion is said to promote firmer, lifted-looking skin with intensely nourishing oat kernel extract and peptides. Its unique formula deeply moisturises, minimising the look of fine lines and wrinkles for a smoother complexion. The lotion has a thinner texture than what you might usually expect from a lotion, down to the fact that this lotion is also a toner too. It absorbs quickly and well into the skin, with an excellent moisturising and hydrating ability. I have been using this after cleansing the face and hands and before the Beauty Lift Cream. The Beauty Lift Cream is an intensive lifting cream, to provide more than usual moisturisers, with a thick consistency and the ability to lock in moisture for hours. I feel that the Beauty Lift Cream provides the face with a plumping and calming effect. The Beauty Lift Milk is also a moisturiser, however is a lighter one than the Beauty Lift Cream, and ideal for times when you want the face to feel lighter. As with most beauty milks, this can be used as a makeup remover and cleanser. Its consistency is similar to that of the Beauty Lift Lotion.

Lastly is the Beauty Lift Essence, which is a silky-soft lifting serum, and one which I use in place of a night cream, which is possible due to the fact it’s just as intense as night creams. It has a very thin texture and provides the skin with added radiance and a lit-from-within glow.

Collectively, the four products complement each other well and when used together consistently, transforms the skin from being lacklustre, dull and dry to skin which is glowing, soft, plump and radiant. The look of the products add to the appeal and value, with pink and white hues fading into each other, finished with shiny gold lids for extra impact.

DHC Beauty Lift Lotion is priced at £34.00, the Beauty Lift Cream at £41.00, Beauty Lift Milk at £34.00 and Beauty Lift Essence at £35.00.

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