Deluxe SensatioNail Starter Kit


I have seen these At Home Gel Polishes around for a little while now, and as someone who can’t get any nail polish to last more than three days without chipping it has definitely piqued my interest. One option on the market today is the Deluxe SensatioNail Starter Kit which I received along with three other individual Gel Nail Polishes. The Starter Kit contains an LED Lamp, a sample size Red Scarlet Gel Nail Polish, Gel Primer, Base and Topcoat, Gel Cleanser, 12 Lint Free Wipes, double-sided Nail Buffer, Manicure Stick and a How to Booklet. It promises to give you everything you need to complete up to 10 salon quality gel manicures that will last up to two weeks with no chipping, smudging, cracks or dulling.

The process is a little more lengthy than a regular at home paint job, you start with the Gel Cleanser to ensure nails are clean and then prime, follow with the base coat and cure in the lamp for 30 seconds, then apply two layers of colour, curing in between each layer in the lamp for 60 seconds each, then the topcoat, cure again for 30 seconds and clean off the sticky residue with the wipes and gel cleanser.

It was great that there’s no drying time, so worrying about smudging my polish is a thing of the past, which is always normally an issue for me. I bet you’re thinking ‘how do I remove this?’ at least that was one of my thoughts. Well here are various removal items/kits available, starting at £5.00 and going up to £17.00 These consist of soaking the gel and removing/buffing it off.

I got seven days of chip free wear, a massive improvement for me, after 12 days there were a few more chips, mainly on my dominant (right) hand. All in all a great little DIY gel kit, which can save you money and time compared to going to the salon, and improve polish wear greatly compared to regular polish. There are things you have to decide whether it’s worth it for you; like the extra steps in the application and removal process, which only need to be done approximately every fortnight and the cost of the individual polishes.

Deluxe SensatioNail Starter Kit is priced at £69.99, due to having to buy the lamp, but once you have this you only need the necessary kits or individual items like nail polishes, that need replacing. The Gel Nail Polishes start at £15.00 each.

For more information, please visit their website.