Curl Harmony


When I was newly natural I sought curl perfection and for years, I was obsessed with evenly distributed equal sized curls. Eventually, I discovered that air drying or diffusing was the best method for me to achieve volume and even curls. Then began the quest to find the best hair care range for my fine hair. I found products that I liked, only to be disappointed when other products in the range didn’t work for me. I trialled some of Curl Harmony’s products for three weeks and I was totally happy with the results. During my three weeks trial of Curl Harmony I used their Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner, Buttercream and Curl Reviver. I used the Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner after my usual shampoo and I was pleased with the smooth luxurious texture. I was able to detangle with the product in my hair because it had enough slip. After five to ten minutes I rinsed it out and my hair felt so soft and manageable. I selected the Curl Reviver to be my styling aid then sealed in the moisture with my usual hair oil.

When my hair dried the curls were bouncy and well defined without frizz. Sometimes I applied the Curl Reviver in the morning to refresh my curls. I applied the Buttercream to my hair the day after washing it and sometimes used it mid-week to reset my curls at night. Initially, I thought it would be too heavy because it looked like a promenade but in fact it was very light and gave my hair a lovely shine. The Buttercream can be used as a hot oil treatment but I didn’t try it in that. Both the Buttercream and Curl Reviver absorbed easily into my hair, they didn’t feel heavy or tacky and at the end of the week my hair didn’t feel overloaded with product.

I would say the products I used would work on curl, wavy or kinky hair. Curl Harmony also has cleansing and conditioning products. All their products use natural ingredients and there are no sulphates, silicones or mineral oil in their range. Their website advises which product combination is best based on hair type.

Curl Harmony Intensive Repair Deep Conditioner is priced at £4.95 for 60ML and £14.50 for 250ML, the Buttercream is priced at £4.95 for 60ML and £14.50 for 250ML with the Curl Reviver at £4.50 for 60ML and £12.95 for 250ML.

For more information, please visit their website.