cucumba The Urban Pit Stop

Cucumba pic 1Founded in 2005 cucumba The Urban Pit Stop was set up as a pit stop for over-worked, stressed people to be able to take a break and have a little me time. You can have all manner of treatments, from waxing, massages, manicure/pedicure and facials. These are broken down into time bands, and there are five in total; Quickfix (10 minutes), Pitstop (20 minutes), Cucumba (30 minutes), Deluxe (45 minutes) and Supadupa (60 minutes). I’ve had a long battle with my brows, following a naive inexperienced tweezing session in my teens, I mean my brows weren’t that full to start with. I finally feel like I’m getting to a shape and fullness I’m happy with, so I’m always weary about going somewhere new to get my brows done, if they get messed up it takes months of patiently waiting for them to grow back in and can feel like months of hard work down the drain.

I had the pleasure of experiencing the new DesignHer Brows treatment, that falls under the Deluxe time band, after all you don’t want someone messing up your brows because they’ve rushed through them. The DesignHer Brows is based on celebrity inspired brow shapes that you can choose, and/or work towards achieving.

I started by explaining what I wanted from my brows, a little tidy up really, and some hairs left in place as I was trying to grow out that particular part of my brow. The beautician then tinted my brows, she mixed brown and black dye to tailor the colour, this was removed and reapplied after we decided they needed to be a little darker.

She then waxed, threaded and tweezed the brows into shape, she applied a soothing cream, and filled in my brows with brow powder and applied a brow gel. I didn’t actually pick a brow shape, I quite like how my brows are coming along, but in the end we decided the shape was similar to Black Swan, and I could work towards Queen B as they got fuller.

I enjoyed my experience at cucumba, there was lovely relaxing music playing in the background and I felt the beautician listened to my requirements and tailored the treatment to suit. There’s nothing worse than feeling like your requests weren’t listened to and a beautician had just done whatever they wanted to your brows.

cucumba is situated a stones throw away from Oxford Circus tube station, but once you’re through the doors you forget all the hustle and bustle outside, it truly is a pitstop for some pampering and me time.

Cucumba pic 2

DesignHer Brows is priced at £48.00

For more information about cucumba pleas visit their website.