How to Create the Perfect Brows


The current trend of thick eyebrows has not only made many people covet thick eyebrows like their favourite celebrities, but has made people want their eyebrows to be well-groomed and immaculate. Here are some tips on creating the perfect set of red-carpet ready brows. Brow Shapers The first thing to ensure is that you have your brows shaped and astray hairs are removed. There are different methods of brow hair removal, such as threading, tweezing, or waxing. For those who prefer waxing, I would recommend Nad’s Facial Wand Eyebrow Shaper which is a slimtip gel applicator that is quick and precise to use, designed to only remove hair where you want it to.

Also great are Eylure’s Brow Shapers which use cold wax and create perfect brows that will last for weeks. Their Brow Stencils are fantastic too. Whether you dig the thick brow trend or not, you’ll find that you’re well catered for with these multitalented Brow Stencils, which can be used to guide you in removing excess hair and creating a brow shape, or filling in your brows.

Brow Fillers That brings me nicely onto brow-filling. When you fill in your brows, regardless of thickness, you’re concealing sparse areas and adding definition and boldness to them. Brow palettes are particularly good since they usually contain a highlighter (to accentuate your brow bone and, in turn, your brows) as well as a brow powder (which should coordinate with your hair colour). The Hi Brow 24hr Brow Compact is slightly expensive at £29.99, but contains stencils and a dual-ended brush as well as a brow powder and highlighter. You could use Sheer Cover Studio Brighten and Conceal Trio which is particularly handy as it contains a duo concealer as well as a brightener for your brow bone.

Brow Palettes A cheaper but very effective brow palette is Eylure’s Brow Palette which includes a wax, brow powder and highlighter. The wax is a useful inclusion as it keeps unruly brows in place. HD Brows’ Eye & Brow Palette is my favourite palette of the lot because of its versatility and high quality. It includes a highlighter, two brow shades, a wet/dry carbon definer and a wax which enables you to set your brows or mix with the powders to create a creamy eyeshadow- for me, a bonus.

Unlike many brow brushes available, with prickly bristles, the dual-ended one included has fine, soft bristles to enable an easy, buildable finish. MAC Cosmetics’ Fluidline Brow Gelcreme is a little pot of creamy gel that fills, lengthens and shapes in a variety of shades, all the while being long-wearing and waterproof. For those of you who aren’t fond of the powders of brow palettes could give this smooth brow gel a go.

Brow Highlighters Some people want the convenience of filling and highlighting brows in a pencil, however. I can relate as, as much as I love palettes, I prefer pencils. A great one is Clinique’s Instant Lift for Brows which is a double-ended brow pencil and highlighter that self-sharpens for added expediency. The brow pencil has a wax-based formula that lends to a natural payoff - harsh lines are no more. I’m currently using Eylure’s Brow Crayon which is also waxy and performs highly. If you’d prefer a standard brow pencil, then a really good one is Paul & Joe’s Eyebrow Pencil Duo. It’s double ended and, like the rest of their products, is lovely to look at.

Brow Gels To also ensure that brows stay in place all day, you could use an eyebrow gel. I love the new products on the market as they save me from tirelessly pushing up my brows intermittently during the day. Eyelure’s Brow Control and Shape Gel is a good brow gel that kept my brows held in shape all day. The best thing is that it doesn’t harden or add shine to brows. MAC Cosmetics have an extensive range of shades of their coloured brow gel, namely the Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set.

To summarise, first you create your brow base by removing excess hair and creating a brow shape. Then you fill your brows and highlight the brow bone, before setting brows in place. Once you’ve done these simple steps, you should be good to go and have perfect, enviable brows that frame your face nicely and create an impact. Happy brow-zing!