Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Mini 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands


We might be full blown into winter but doesn't mean that the garden stops being looked after. This is the season where the pruning starts and maintaining it so it is kept beautifully manicured for the next year. However, all this gardening takes a toll on your hands and it can be hard to get them back tip top condition. Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Mini 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands is perfect for this because it contains soothing ingredients that leaves you with silky soft hands. The Gardeners Mini 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands consists of a Hand Recovery Scrub and Hand Therapy which our editor, Ronke raved about a few months ago. It is a range specially made for gardeners or people whose job require a lot of hand usage hence the name. The Hand Recovery Scrub is fragranced with fresh green clover, lavender, sage rosemary and thyme while the Hand Therapy contains shea butter, moisturising glyercin, deodorising clover and soothing bisabolol.

I tried the Hand Scrub and the Hand Therapy which I found to be very pleasing, I already have really soft hands so to tell you how soft they felt after using the Hand Scrub will be pointless. What I will say is that my hand felt really clean after use. This is due to the presence of pumice gently scrubbing away any dirt. Like Ronke stated in her review, I haven’t always taken Hand Cream seriously, but my husband does and I believe he would greatly appreciate this range. I quite like how moisturising the Hand Therapy is without being greasy. It dries up quick enough too which is a plus in my books.

These are really lovely products but in my opinion it is too much of a hassle to use a Hand Scrub with a Hand Wash as well as a Hand Cream. We all like lovely looking and hands but seriously, who has time for that?

Crabtree & Evelyn Crabtree & Evelyn Gardeners Mini 60 Second Fix Kit for Hands is priced at £25.00.

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