Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Deep Cleansing Body Scrub


Another member of the Tarocco Orange family – the Deep Cleansing Body Scrub shares the beautiful Sicilian blood orange scent that is blended with eucalyptus which refreshes without overpowering, sage which deodorises, bergamot for zing and neroli for depth. The box is just beautiful with a beautiful illustration of the Sicilian blood orange that is the signature of the range. The scrub is housed in a robust plastic tube and the lid closes with a satisfying click. This scrub is lovely for a morning shower and the fragrance is quite unisex. The exfoliating particles are a cream texture and quite large in the shower gel. This is the gentlest shower exfoliator that I have ever used; the exfoliating particles are sunflower wax beads but interestingly they do not melt on the skin when you use the product. Crabtree & Evelyn recommend that you use this product every other day and if you have sensitive skin, this should definitely be adhered too, however If like me, you are accustomed to a stronger exfoliation - and your skin does not scream out in pain when you do so - I would say that this is gentle enough to use every day. I used it for seven days in a row and my skin was fine.

This Deep Cleansing Scrub is made without mineral oil, synthetic colour, phthalates and sodium laurel sulphate. My skin is super dry and it did not leave it tight but as always I used a rich body moisturiser afterwards. As much as the fragrance is unisex (in my opinion) I would not recommend this to hirsuite men (or women) as the exfoliating beads can get trapped in long arm and leg hair.

The Tarocco Orange Deep Cleansing Body Scrub is available from the Crabtree & Evelyn stores and other stockists.

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