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Cosmetics a La Carte is world renowned for being able to recreate the perfect shade for be it a complexion product, a discontinued lipstick or creating the perfect eyeshadow for an important event. Not only can they create the colour you want but they also have a variety of textures too. Accompanying this bespoke service however, is their cosmetic line which includes skincare too. Here are my three picks for spring/ summer. Velvet Tint in Spice I love cream foundations. I know they are not for everyone but for me they create a beautiful look on the skin. Like with all things, it is about the application. Now that we are in the Summer season, I like to apply it with a very damp beauty sponge to retain the flawless effect but in a slightly thinner layer. Velvet Tint is lovely; from the packaging with has the very sensible plastic cover that houses the sponge and keeps the product off the mirror.

The sponge which is good quality and also works well damp (A bigger sponge gives faster application though), to the product itself and the very reflective silver compact. This foundation has a demi matte finish. It is buttery on application, but it does not move around on skin as much as other formulas I have used. Which means that I don’t need to powder as much as with other products, and because it is a cream formula you can spot conceal with this product after you have applied your base, making it a real two in one product. I am a big fan.

Bare Blush Light in Angel How do you feel about cream highlighters? Personally I am a fan, but I like cream formulas in all colour products. You can create a subtle look and really blend the colours into the skin to get that Lit from Within look. However, if you want a very highlighted look – this product is not for you. Bare Blush Light works beautifully on light textured complexion products like a tinted moisturiser and you also don’t get the full beautiful effect in unnatural light. When I put it on in the morning and leave my house, I think it looks ok but as soon as I step outside into natural light (even if is not very sunny), the true luminosity of the product shines through (geddit!). In all honesty, I would prefer a warmer shade like Honey or Moonbeam but I have been very pleasantly surprised by Angel and I will even forgive the fact that it is rose fragranced.

Moisture Plus Lipstick in Nectar The Moisture Plus formula is beautifully creamy – not at all drying on the lips so it makes a lovely alternative to liquid lipsticks. If you are a fan of a matte lipstick, they have a range of colours in that formula. The moisture plus formula is vitamin rich (A, C and E) and leaves the lips comfortably moisturised without being a lip balm type texture. It will need to be reapplied after eating but with the beautiful silver packaging, it is a joy to take it out of your makeup bag. Moisture Plus is available in over 45 shades so there is something for everyone be it a trendy nude shade, a skin neutral shade or a bright. You can apply the lipstick like a stain or build up the colour for a strong look. Nectar was not a great shade for my skin tone, but I was able to make it work with a brown liner.

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Velvet Tint is priced at £38.00, Bare Blush Light at £25.00 and Moisture Plus Lipstick at £23.00.

For more information, please visit their website.