Coloured Mascaras To Enhance Your Eye Colour

byTerry Mascara TerryblyIf you want to enhance your eyes, you probably reach for eyeshadow, or possibly a colourful liner. You probably don’t think about mascara. You’ll swipe on coat after coat of mascara to make your eyes look bigger, but you probably don’t think about it bringing out your eye colour. If you put down your black mascara for just a second, you’ll realise that there are plenty of colourful mascaras that can draw attention to your eye colour as well as any shadow or eyeliner. From surprisingly-easy-to-wear purple to vibrant blue, there are lots of options other than your go-to black mascara. Here are eight coloured mascaras to enhance your eye colour. byTerry Mascara Terrybly in Purple This mascara come in purple, blue, red and brown. This product is a revolutionary lash-lengthening tinted lash serum which contains Lumicoat Care Technology. As well as promising you super dooper long and thick lashes, Mascara Terrybly activates growth from root to tip.

Priced at £33.50

Collection Colour Lash Mascara In Blue If you want to trial the trend without shelling out lots of cash, this affordable blue mascara gives you plenty of change from a fiver.

Priced at £1.99

Rimmel London Rocking Curves Mascara by Kate In Emerald This volumising mascara gives your flirty lashes, and a noticeable but not too bold hit of colour. If you have hazel or blue eyes, this is the shade for you.

Priced at £7.49

Dior Diorshow Iconic Extreme Curling Lash Mascara In Navy Come on, navy isn’t that much different than black. If you’re having trouble breaking out of your black mascara comfort zone, start with this one. Bonus: It’s waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about blue panda eyes.

Priced at £24.50

Barry M Coloured Lengthening Mascara In Green If you have brown eyes, this emerald green mascara will make your eyes pop. It also offers amazing length that will rival a good pair of false lashes.

Priced at £5.19

Ciate Lashlights In Famous I know what you’re thinking: a pink mascara, really?! If you’re worried about it being too much, apply it to your bottom lashes only and use your regular black mascara on your top lashes.

Priced at £12.60

Max Factor Eye Brightening Mascara For Green Eyes If you’re not sure about what mascara colour best enhances your eye color, don’t worry. Max Factor takes the guessing game out of it. The black mascara has a gem-toned colour beads and light reflecting particles that draw attention to your peepers as well as the more colourful formulas.

Priced at £7.99

Yves Saint Laurent Luxurious Mascara In No.6 Deep Night A deep blue mascara is a safe choice, if you want to dip your toe into the trend. This deep blue is especially good at enhancing brown and blue eyes.

Priced at £22.05

NYX Cosmetics Coloured Mascara In Purple A royal purple mascara will enhance any eye color, whether you have gorgeous green eyes or deep brown. Go on, try it.

Priced at £7.50

Givenchy Noir Couture Waterproof This octane mascara comes in a lovely purple. You get instant volume, length and curl thanks to the unique three-ball brush and formula.

Priced at £23.50

As you can see, there are a wide variety of coloured mascaras, so instead of always buying your usual black, try a different one next time.