Collagenesis by Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol Eye Crème Reverse

The Collagenesis by Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol Eye Crème Reverse is described as a concentrated multi-therapy eye area treatment, which seemed good then I noticed that it was from the Deep Wrinkle Protocol collection. I do not have deep wrinkles in my eye area and want to keep it that way. Therefore, what I cannot give you in this review is a result which says my deep wrinkles have gone away, because I haven't got any so far.

It promises to fortify the eye area but I have no idea what that means in real-life. It also promises to "promote long-term hydration, and increase overall elasticity, smoothness and firmness". Now that's a list I can understand and I want all of the above! It contains the magic ingredients: collagen and hyaluronic acid.

The packaging is bulky; it comes in quite a large pot and contains 15ml of product. That is the standard volume but the presentation is not. It's a clever pot; you take off the clear lid and push the white lid down to squeeze the cream to the top. This is a great idea in theory because it means that the cream is not exposed to the air, therefore retaining the integrity of the ingredients and it keeping out bacteria.

The downside is that it releases far too much product so that you'd probably run out in a week if you used a full squeeze everytime. I learned to squeeze gently to reveal just a tiny amount of product, enabling me to use it day and night for a month.

A tiny amount of product is all you need as it is incredibly rich. It is also quite sticky. I have never encountered a sticky eye cream before. It just felt so strange. The instructions advise the user to tap the cream into the whole eye area day and night which I did, and this just emphasised the stickiness! I wonder if that’s the glycerin.

The packaging must be kept upright otherwise the squeeze mechanism will not work. It is possible to twist open the pot but of course air will get in. The surprising thing is, the design is very efficient in getting all of the cream out. I expected some to be left in the bottom but I was proved wrong.

I have to say that whilst I was looking forward to a collagen boost, I didn’t notice any difference in the month I used it. I have tried less expensive creams which have delivered more. I can see that plenty of time and expense has gone into creating the packaging but for a £42 pot of cream I expect the dosage to be correct. And oh, the stickiness! I cannot figure out why anyone wants to put a thick, sticky cream in such a delicate area. Unfortunately this Collagenesis by Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol Eye Crème Reverse is no for me.

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