Collagenesis by Skinn Deep Wrinkle Protocol Crème Reverse

The Collagenesis by Skinn Crème Reverse is a day and night concentrated multi-therapy rejuvenation treatment. It is for the face, neck, and chest and is part of the Deep Wrinkle Protocol collection. I don't have wrinkles, except for a few lines on my forehead from when I had a bad reaction to topical acne medication as a teenager. I therefore had high hopes that it might lessen the appearance of those lines.

The pump mechanism is quite clever. You take off the lid, squeeze the top down and the cream comes out. The amount is enough for the face and neck and another squeeze is needed for the chest. I didn’t use this on my chest for fear of running out before I'd given it a good test. Although I would prefer that the ideal dose was given in one pump, it is good for those who don't like dipping into pots.

The website blurb boasts of a combination of 21 active ingredients including "five powerful peptides and potent antioxidants". Anti-oxidants are needed, especially in London. The blurb also claims that over time skin is "smoother and more contoured" and more youthful-looking. I don't expect a pot of cream to make me look younger and I don’t need it to. Smoother, firmer skin would be nice but getting rid of those lines (which are probably better described as scars now) would be much better.

There is a very long list of ingredients. The Crème Reverse contains aloe vera leaf juice, shea butter, green tea oil, apple extract (interesting!), bark extract, the obligatory hyaluronic acid, red rooibos tea extract (redbush tea), carrot seed oil (which I have seen in hair products), coenzyme Q10 (the "proper" name being ubiquinone which I think sounds better) and xanthan gum which I'm sure I've seen on food.

I have combination skin - dry cheeks with an oily T-zone and I used this cream for just over four weeks. I like my creams to hydrate all day and night. This cream did ok in that department but I have used better. It sinks in easily and doesn’t feel tacky at all (unlike the eye cream in the same range). It has a light scent but I don’t think it is added fragrance.

In the month that I used it, I didn’t notice a difference in the lines and my skin wasn’t firmer or smoother (although I would say I have smooth skin anyway). Once I used an oil with it and together they felt more hydrating and moisturising. I didn’t expect a huge change in one month’s use but some change would have been nice, especially for £44.99. I think this would work best as part of the whole Skinn regime although I can't comment on whether it would make a dream team with the serum from the same Deep Wrinkle Protocol collection because this was not available for me to test. I wouldn’t recommend this cream by itself.

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