Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream


Cloud 9 Skin Solutions is a skincare brand whose products are aimed at providing solutions to skin concerns such as dry skin, cellulite or scars. I tried Cloud 9 Skin Solutions Skin Rehab Scar Minimising Cream, the results of which I was highly anticipating since scars can take an annoyingly long time to fade naturally. The cream is said to help prevent new scars from forming, help improve skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of scars and reduce itching and redness. It's hypoallergenic so I felt okay to be applying it to my sensitive skin. The Scar Minimising Cream should be applied regularly, several times a day for four to five months. Volume isn't important here, rather, regular application and coverage. The cream is a yellowy-green colour, due to the presence of actives such as dry onion bulb extract, allantoin, and a variety of flower extracts. The colour largely disappears on application. The texture is slightly thick and creamy, but non-sticky and feels pleasantly moisturising on the skin.

I've used it for a long period but think that when I've reached the full recommended duration, the results will be even better. So far the appearance of my scars have visibly decreased and my skin looks a lot more even. The effects were more prominent when I first started using it, but this is due to the natural order of the way scars heal and fade. I also tested this on an area of my skin which is particularly prone to redness, and sometimes itchiness, and I feel that it has helped calm the redness dramatically and provided relief for my sensitive skin.

I really think Cloud 9 Skin Solutions have created a great product here, which offers a genuine solution and can help reduce scarring without costing the face of the Earth, priced at a reasonable £35 per 50ml. They have other skin concern targeting products in their range which you might find beneficial too.

For more information please visit their website.