Clinique Even Better Glow

It’s been a while since I’ve been really been impressed with a foundation, but Clinique Even Better Glow is one that has worked surprisingly well for me. 

Clinique claim that this foundation is light reflecting. It is considered to be ‘a moisturizing, luminizing sheer-to-moderate coverage foundation.’ It is also supposed to create ‘a natural radiance with subtle luminizing pigments.’

Aside from the luminous finish this foundation gives, it’s also supposed to have good skin care benefits. Clinique claims that it can help to prevent future dark spots too, due to its vitamin c and SPF 15 properties. 

This product has been marketed towards all skin types, as it’s long-wearing and oil free. I would normally be very skeptical of any foundation that claimed to be for all skin types, as personally I find it hard to see how a foundation for oily skin could work for someone with dry skin.

However, this definitely was a pleasant surprise for me, with how well it worked on my skin. I have oily combination skin, where my t-zone gets quite oily but I’m typically normal everywhere else. 

The foundation wore very well on my skin. I found that it lasted a good 10 hours on me without my skin appearing oily or it feeling uncomfortable. Despite it having SPF 15, I didn’t experience any flashback or ashy tones.

I received the shade Clove, which I matched myself to in store (I have a deep neutral skin tone). I was very impressed with their shade range as my shade was far from the darkest shade on offer. 

In terms of the coverage of the foundation, this can definitely be built up from a light to medium coverage and to be honest I feel like full coverage is possible too.  This product also works very well with a powder too, although if you are one to not powder your liquid foundation it will still have a lovely finish. 

This has definitely become my go to foundation. I’d recommend this for any skin type, especially if you prefer a natural glow to the skin (slightly dewy, but not oily) and you like a light foundation wear. 

Clinique Even Better Glow is priced at £27.00.

For more information, please visit their website