Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer Camouflage + 24 Hour Wear

Clinique have released their Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer Camouflage + 24 Hour Wear. The concealer claims to be a buildable coverage, which can be built to a full cover. As the name suggests, they also claim that the concealer can last up to 24 hours and is lightweight. It’s very easy to apply this product as it comes in a compact squeeze tube with a small nozzle (8g of concealer) and is the new addition to the Beyond Perfecting Foundation + Concealer. 

If you were to look at this concealer at face value, it’s expected that you would get very excited about it (I know I did). A 24 hour wear concealer, that doesn’t require a touch up and is lightweight sounds amazing. Clinique also claim that it doesn’t transfer and stays put through sweat and humidity, therefore is also waterproof. It’s also supposed to work for all skin types. These are some big claims to make, so I couldn’t wait to try it out. 

The concealer comes with a total of 18 shades in the range with just three of the shades catering towards deeper skin tones. I received all three of the deeper shades (Deep 24, Deep 26 and Deep 28). The shade, Deep 26 was the closest match to my skin tone (I have a more neutral undertone), however I found that all of the deep shades tended to have a golden undertone to them. To conceal and brighten under my eyes I used the shade, Deep 24 which is the lightest of the deep shades (and honestly not very deep at all). 

Despite the shades appearing to be quite limited, I did find that they blended nicely and did not appear to give me a white caste under my eyes. The concealer definitely has more of a creamy formula, and is easy to blend. I only needed a small amount of concealer, as it does have a good coverage, but too much can feel quite heavy under the eyes. I also avoided using too much as the shades were not the best match for me. Mixing Deep 24 and Deep 26 seemed to work best for under my eyes. 

In terms of this lasting 24 hours – I have to disagree. When I initially applied the concealer, I found it to appear quite flawless with a beautiful coverage and finish. However, this only seemed to last for about four hours, as the concealer would start to seep into fine lines I didn’t realise I had and I found that it wore off throughout the day leaving me with patches under my eyes where there no longer was any concealer.

I tried using a smaller amount of concealer, as well as trying it with different setting powders, but nothing seems to make it last under my eyes. I even tried applying it with a beauty sponge, my fingers and a brush – and I had the same result each time. Although I did find that the sponge gave me more of flawless finish, and the brush gave better coverage with less concealer. Unfortunately, this never really happens to me with concealers, so I can say that I just don’t think the concealer is as long wearing as it claims to be. 

This was definitely a tough one to review as I loved the concept and initially the application and appearance of the concealer. But after willing it to work and trying it for a few weeks in different climates (rain, heat, humidity and cloudy weather) it just does not seem to want to work for me.

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Super Concealer Camouflage + 24 Hour Wear is priced at £18.50. 

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