Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette


With the rise of the brow in recent years people spend as much money and time on them than ever before. Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette is perfect for this. It is an all in one palette which contains three brow powders and three eyeshadow shades in blonde, brown and black combined with a highlighting shade. It also comes with brow wax, mini tweezers, brow spoilie, double ended applicator and mirror. It’s all housed in this gorgeous small, gold, portable lightweight palette, which Clarins state is great for beginners and pros alike. There’s a set of pictoral numbered instructions in the box, which suggest you tweeze, brush brow hairs up, fill in underneath, then fill in the rest of the brow, apply brow wax with spoilie, highlight brow bone, then apply brow colours as eyeshadow. I initially followed these instructions for my brows, but struggled to get the wax on my brows once I’d filled them in, so I then decided to mix the brow powder and wax prior to application, which worked much better for me.

I mainly used the black shade which is actually a soft grey toned black that doesn’t look harsh at all, even though I usually enjoy a little more warmth in my brow colour. I also tried these as eyeshadows and they create a gorgeous daytime smokey eye. The applicators are great, the mini tweezers and spoilie are the cutest things ever, they work great but due to size given a choice I would use my regular tweezers. I also ended up using my own brow brush a lot of the time, but if on the go these applicators will still work just as well.

This palette is great for those that are out and about all day and want to travel light, due to it’s multi-purpose use. I recently had HD Brows done, so my brows don’t require as much work, so I’ve really enjoyed using this palette. However if you like a really bold brow, or if your brows are very sparse, I’m not sure this palette will work for you, especially at £35.

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