Chloe Lewis Beauty Lipgloss

Chloe Lewis Beauty is the brain child of Chloe Lewis, star of TOWIE reality TV. The brand was launched in 2017 and has liquid highlighters, lipsticks, lip glosses and a brush set. I have never heard of the brand until I received the products (I’m not a TOWIE fan) but I am always excited to try and experiment new products.

The lipglosses come in four shades and I received three for review: Pretty Woman, Kiss Me Quick and Summer Girl. The lipglosses are described as luxurious and glamorous with a hint of colour with high gloss impact.

They come in the usual gloss tube with a flat tip wand applicator. The packaging itself is pretty with rose gold details. I find the texture of the gloss very thick and somewhat sticky and I am not a huge fan of the scent. For me I don’t find it pleasant and it lingers for a while. It is very reminiscent of the £1.00 lip glosses we all started using when we were younger. 

In terms of the shades, the lip glosses do add a hint of colour to the lips. My favourite shade is Pretty Woman which is a pink nude shade and pairs well with a brown lip liner. Summer Girl looks completely clear against my skin tone and Kiss Me Quick is a hint of raspberry pink. The Chloe Lewis Lipglosses have a high shine finish which actually lasts but needs to be reapply after eating and drinking which is expected. 

In conclusion, I think these are your standard lipglosses with a touch of colour. I think they are ok for every day wear if you are a lipgloss lover. The benefit of having a hint of colour makes it good for a lot of makeup looks too. Hand on heart I do not think it is worth the £12.99 price tag but you are actually paying for the brand and if you are a TOWIE lover then you wouldn’t mind. 

For more information, please visit the website.