Chloe Ferry Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick

Chloe Ferry Cosmetics is a new brand to me.  Chloe Ferry is a lady from MTV's Geordie Shore, a reality TV show based in Newcastle in North England. She has a line of cosmetics including matte liquid lipsticks, an eyeshadow palette, eyelashes and the Illuminator, "a liquid super highlighter".  I was sent the Liquid Lipstick in Sass.

On the website, Sass looks like a deep plum shade but it is described as a "stunning smokey pink tone, perfect for those who love a hint of subtle pink". I would describe it as a deep pink. It dries very matte and once dry, it is almost non-transferable which is impressive as some more expensive products can't even achieve this. I can kiss my baby without the lip colour coming off. It only comes off when eating and drinking or if I rub it. 

The Liquid Lipstick has a firm doe-foot applicator and the smallest amount of product goes a long way. I couldn’t detect a scent which I prefer for most things I put on my face. 

I have lots of lines on my lips and dry skin, so matte lip products usually take a lot of work for me to pull off. This Liquid Lipstick is very comfortable to wear and more flexible than other matte lipstick liquids I have tried which is especially good for lips with deep lines because it means the colour doesn’t crack too early in the day. The colour lasts for hours and I only need to touch up on the inner lips after I have eaten or had a drink.

I was pleasantly surprised with this Chloe Ferry Liquid Lipstick which usually retails for £14.99 on but is currently on sale for £8.99. I probably wouldn’t buy it from the website myself as I prefer cream lipsticks and lip glosses due to having dry skin but if this was available in shops, I might be tempted to try another shade at the sale price. I would be happy to recommend it, especially in the shade Sass, because it is gorgeous and performs well. 

For more information, please visit the website.